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AMUZ, Antwerp


Bach is the beginning and end of all music
Max Reger


PÄRT | Summa
BACH | Brandenburg Concerto III
i. Allegro
ii. Adagio
iii. Allegro
PÄRT | Silouans Song
BACH | Concerto for two violins in d minor, Fien Van den Fonteyne & Floris Willem, soloists
i. Vivace
ii. Largo ma non tanto
iii. Allegro
PÄRT | Fratres
BACH | Air from the Orchestral Suite III
PÄRT | Da pacem Domine


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In 2015 the world celebrates the 330th anniversary of the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach. This year will also see the 80th birthday of one of the most performed contemporary composers, Arvo Pärt.

Transcendent, spiritual, otherworldly and soothing are words that jump to mind when describing Part's accessible music. We could use the same terms while speaking of Johann Sebastian Bach's works.

It is said that the Estonian composer is the Bach of our century. Pärt believes that we have a universal longing for space and the Divine state. The simplicity of Pärt's music on the surface belies the effort it takes to achieve that peaceful quality in performance. Many of Pärt's pieces are settings of religious texts, and even the instrumental works bear a whiff of church incense. Yet the compositions resonate profoundly for the unconverted as well as the faithful. It is music that reveals itself gradually, with a harmonic stillness that conjures up an alternative to hectic everyday existence.

Bach's timeless orchestral compositions are of unique purity, and his work has been of great influence on composers for many generations until today.

With this program symphoniaASSAI presents a beautiful program with music for strings together with soloists Fien Van den Fonteyne and Floris Willem. Works that were written in different centuries, but that share a fascinating resemblance in philosophy, inspiration and aesthetics. The union of Johann Sebastian Bach's and Arvo Pärt's universes offers a great performance opportunity where interiority and virtuosity come together.