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Although music from Scandinavia is in line with the musical traditions elsewhere in Europe, it is at the same time imbued with its own folk culture, breathing the width of the Nordic landscape.


For Scandinavian people, the sound of string instruments has always been connected with the essence of music. Already in the 12th century itinerant minstrels accompanied their songs with fiddle sounds. In the centuries that followed popular melodies echoed often in the streets through the sound of a violin. Not by coincidence Norway is the land of the famous Hardanger Fiddle, a traditional instrument that inspired Grieg to write his works.

Jean Sibelius, Carl Nielsen and Edvard Grieg are indeed coming from three different countries (Finland, Denmark and Norway respectively), but they share a pronounced patriotism and undeniable interest in their own folk music. Their works are representative of the late romantic language and manifest a strong historical sense of identity.

With Nordiske lyder symphoniaASSAI unites some wonderful Nordic compositions from the 19th and 20th century together in a beautiful programme for string orchestra.

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Jean SIBELIUS | Andante Festivo

Jean SIBELIUS | Impromptu

Carl NIELSEN | Lille suite

Edvard GRIEG | Bådnlåt

Edvard GRIEG | To elegiske melodier

Edvard GRIEG | Holberg Suite tid


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