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Cultuurcentrum Hasselt - 20.00

Roeland HENDRIKX, clarinet


Transcendence brings three masterpieces from the oeuvre of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Robert Schumann that were written during the last years of their lives. symphoniaASSAI looks into the state of mind of these masters during their last days. What crossed their minds when they put these notes on paper? Were they aware of the little time they had left?

Both The Magic Flute and the Clarinet Concerto are witnesses of Mozart's last months of life. The Magic Flute was written in the spring of 1791 and was premiered in the Vienna Freiitte Theater on the 30th of September. Just in the same week he started his Concerto for clarinet and orchestra which he composed and completed at a lightning speed on October 7th. It was performed for the first time by clarinet player Anton Stadler in Prague on 16th October. This was a particularly productive year in which he wrote some of his most important works. However, this fertile period ended relatively abruptly when he became seriously ill and less than two months later, on December 5, 1791, he died at the age of 35. The Requiem he was working on was left unfinished.

The Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 97, also known as the Rhenish, is the last symphony composed by Robert Schumann. Although his 4th symphony was later published, it concerns a rework of an earlier composition from 1841. Schumann completed his third symphony in just five weeks, between November 2 and December 9, 1850.



Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART | Ouverture The Magic Flute

Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART | Clarinet Concerto in A Major


Robert SCHUMANN | Symphony nr.3 "Rhenisch" 


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